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Remember eating BBQ at the Dixie Pig or getting a shake at a Tops Drive-In or Hot Shoppes? How about catching the latest Bond flick at the Super 29 or Sunset Drive-Ins? Do you recall afternoons spent at Story Book Land, Old Virginia City, Kiddieland Park, Marshall Hall Amusement Park or The Enchanted Forest? Did you listen to the "Good Guys" on WPGC on your transistor radio and watch Captain Tugg on WTTG-TV 5 after school? If any of these activities sound familiar then you probably grew up around Northern Virginia sometime between the '50s and the '70s.

The goal of this page is to rebuild Northern Virginia from that period - shortly after the birth of B&W TV and before the death of Disco. Lorton and surrounding cities are the focus of our archives, but you will still find hundreds of images from other NorVA cities. I have collected several boxes of vintage yearbooks, postcards, photos, brochures, maps, and newspapers while working on this project. You can see what I have accumulated and what has been donated on the Vintage Images page, and what I still need on the Wanted page.

You can view over 5,000 images that I've collected by making a donation of $9 or more. This will enable you to view all of the images available on the site for 30 days.

I want to say a special "thanks" to Barbara Adolfson, John Ahmad, Brian Alpert, Rosy Baldwin, Chris Barnes, Kaptain Kidshow aka Bob Bell, Steve Bittle, Sheriff Bittle, NEB, Kathy Brown, Joni Buckley, Gail Burda, Doug Burdette, Bill C., Mack A. Cardwell III, Irma Clifton, John Coleman, Kathie Collins, Brian Conley, Richard Cook, Richard Crane, Bill Counts, Patrick Dean, Pat Fauquet, Gary, Gary Henson, Cathy Gregor, Jeff Griffith, Paul Freeman, Mark Harris, Floyd Harrison, Norman Hayden, Susan Hoffman, Rob Hoehn, Bob Howe, Larry Husbands, Chuck Jacobi, Bill Jentz, Howard Johnson, Joe Johnson, Frank Joyce, Vicki Knox, Randall Kunkel, Jack Lake, Ken Leibman, Tammy Lesniewski, Robert Lewis, Barbara Hoffman Lynn, Jim Lynn, Richard Layman, Mike from Champions Stuff, Jack Maier, John Meyer, Martin Mooney, Sandy Mayer, Scott McKnight, Stu Megaw, Ray Miller, Pat Murphy, Steven and Mrs. Nash, Patrick O'Neill, Charles Page, Herb Parker, Roland Powers, Dave Pruiksma, Karl Reedy, Pat Nelson Retter, Robert for the Storybook Land images, Nancy Rusinak, Joseph Ryder, Johnnie Shank, Terence Skelly, Al Stevens, Allan Stevens, Park Temple, Jim Troxell, Rod Tsiptsis, Stuart Watson, Donna Webb, Don Weir, Dan Weir, Selina Welch, Gary Welles, Donald and Beth Wilson, Barry Zimmerman for donating images, money or time to this project.

If you have any scans, pictures, slides, postcards, maps, phone books, or yearbooks that you can donate or loan from this period please E-MAIL me or write me at:

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